The Gods Hate Texas is Dave Barbee (guitar and vocals), Catherine Gray (bass and vocals), Dave Cornwell (guitar and vocals) and Ken Evinger (drums and vocals). This quartet hails from the 'The Old Line State' and create original music that is an eclectic blend of Blues, Surf, Rock and Rockabilly.  Formed in 2017 by members who have crossed musical paths for years, The Gods Hate Texas have an uncommon and infectious chemistry. 

​ Dave Barbee is a life-long virtuoso guitarist and equally impressive songwriter. He just comes by it naturally. Formerly of the Nectar Quartet in Phoenix, Arizona, Dave has performed throughout the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. He also is no stranger to the recording studio. His talent as a guitarist, songwriter and his production capability shine through in this band. 

 Catherine Gray is a veteran musician with a history steeped in Rock and Roll, Blues and Surf. She has recorded with artists Charley Drayton, Sammy Merendino, Lew Soloff, Rob Arthur, Tom "Bones" Malone, Exene Cervenka and performed in bands on both coasts and everywhere in between. She came to national prominence in the venerable surf combo, The Space Cossacks (Musick Records). Here in her element Catherine's strong vocals, melodic bass lines, and world class songwriting give this band some serious MoJo. 

​ To Dave Cornwell music is a way of life. Drawing from his own background as a regional rock staple, he brings an edge to the band's sound. His style and tone are easily recognizable in the band's mix. He is a powerful guitarist in his own right but when he and Dave Barbee play together it's an explosive and perfect union. As a founding member of The SHORT BUS (Geffen Records) and DC's own SuperSwank, Dave has earned his place as a seasoned veteran of the Mid-Atlantic music scene. 

​ Ken Evinger - OK, so- we made the mistake of asking our new drummer for his bio and this is what we got: 

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness – the cornerstones of the birth of a nation, epitomized by the American bald eagle. That nation has come to represent the freedom, spirit and independence of the individual, giving the world products and innovations that are uniquely its own. One such innovation was Ken-tuc-ky  …” wait, what?  

That’s not a bio - that’s just a quote from the back label of Ken's favorite whiskey.  

Hmmm. Yup. That's Ken Evinger for ya'. 

Well, what can we say about Ken? We know he’s a man of many hats. (There’s even a rumor he was once an 'extra' in Cats!) – He’s equally at home in the spotlight or behind the scenes. All the artists he's supported over the years know what a pleasure it is to work with him. But what do we really need to know about him? He loves making music, he loves playing drums and he knows how to Rock n' Roll!